zm Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen

The magazine Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen, zm for short, is the official publication of the Bundeszahnärztekammer (BZÄK) (German Dental Association), Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen Zahnärztekammern e.V. (Working group of the German Chambers of Dentists) and the Kassenzahnärztliche Bundesvereinigung Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts (Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists, body under public law).


zm appears twice a month in two different editions, and reaches all dentists in Germany (practising dentists in the Federal Republic of Germany – practice owners, assistants and representatives in independent practice, officials, employees in university clinics, hospitals, Federal German Armed Forces)

Incidentally: due to the combination with Deutsches Ärzteblatt, which is also published by this publisher, it is possible to address all physicians and dentists in Germany through advertising!

zm deals with the following editorial focus topics:

  • The entire spectrum of professional, health and social policy
  • Scientific and practical further training in all areas of dental, oral and maxillofacil medicine
  • Interactive dentistry further training in accordance with the further training concept of the German Dental Society for Dental, Oral, and Maxillofacil Medicine
  • The complete area of practice management and organisation including IT deployment, economic and legal issues

Every zm issue is rounded off by an extensive reader service section offering highly varied information for the practice and private sector, reports from abroad and the scientific societies, art, culture and many other interesting categories.

The media data offer extensive information on media performance values.


  • zm is the only specialist magazine to reach all dentists in Germany (and all senior house physicians).
  • With a print run of over 85,000 copies and an RPI value of 69.3% (LA-Dent 2016), zm is the leading dental title for generalists.
  • The majority are sent to private addresses.

Target group:
All dentists in Germany (dentists working in their own practice and in hospitals).



Key Data
Publication frequency:
24 times annually

Actually distributed circulation:

* IVW Q2/2018

LPA 69,3 %

(LA Dent 2016)

German Dental Association - Working group of the German Chambers of Dentists e. V. and Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists, bodies under public law
Editorial Board
Dr. Uwe A. Richter (Editor in chief)

Media data

Media group