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Successful advertising for doctors starts with a successful partner! Deutscher Ärzteverlag offers you an excellent advertising environment to address your precise target group in more than two dozen professional journals. On this overview page you receive access to the downloads of all media data of the specialist publications from Deutscher Ärzteverlag.


Media data for medicine and dentistry

To give you a brief impression of the success of our publishing work, we would like to mention two examples: hardly any dental professional journal is quoted more frequently than the Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift, hardly any specialist magazine for doctors is more widely circulated than Deutsches Ärzteblatt. If you too decide in favour of advertising spots in one of our professional journals, you will not only benefit from a large print run, but also the trust that doctors have in the seriousness of our publications. Apart from the important involvement that is given through the theme of the relevant editions, it is also this trust that makes advertising spots in the Ärzteverlag media so valuable.

What data can you find in the Ärzteverlag media data?

If you have downloaded the Media data for dentistry or medicine and/or the media data for the desired professional journal, you will receive all the important key figures of the relevant professional journal in PDF format. So, don't leave your decision to chance; select the ideal advertising form for your target group using the clear Deutscher Ärzteverlag media data. Define your wishes using the reach determined by the RPI, or with the help of the widest readership. If you need help selecting your advertising form, you will find all the important contact persons for your concern in our media data. We would be happy for you to fall back on the professional journals of Deutscher Ärzteverlag in your media planning!

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Media data

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